JJ's "I Love Minions & Elmo" 2nd Birthday Party!! {in photos}

June 29, 2014

Happy Sunday all!!
As promised I have a few photos to share from our JJ's 2nd birthday party.
JJ loves the movie Despicable Me & Elmo. So when planning his
big day I figured why not just combine the two themes? It actually worked
out perfectly!! The cake pretty much says it all!!
Here are some special moments of the day!

These are just a few of my favorite photos of the day....
I am so very blessed to have such a loving, healthy, sweet, fun loving little
 boy in my life.... He makes my heart smile in so many ways!!
There is nothing I love more than putting together a birthday celebration for
 my children.... It creates special memories that last a lifetime. I take
 pride in making the cake and the favors!! I will have sources for the favors
in another post very soon!!
Enjoy your second week of summer!!
All favor ideas, creations and confections were illustrated and created by me and you saw them here first. All favor ideas including the minion bubble gum tubes were solely my idea and not copied or replicated from another source(s). All photos and said subject matter shown in this post are property of Gracie Blue ~ the blog and shall not be used or copied for the benefit or endorsement of any other source(s) or persons without permission.

Favorite Home Friday {Neighborhood Home via Listingbook}

June 27, 2014

Happy Friday friends!!
One week of summer down! Time flies when the weather is perfect and
your spending your afternoon outside till sunset!!
Today I am sharing one of my favorite houses here in Fairfield.
I pass by it almost daily and for the longest time it has been for rent.
Well now it's finally for sale and I found it on Listingbook.
 Listingbook is a great tool for Realtors and home owners
 that allows you to search just like an agent and provides you access to
  Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data, public records, recent and past sales,
  community and school information, taxes, loan calculator, shopping and
recreation, and much more!!
 I just had my local Realtor who happens to be my uncle set me up, but you
 can create your own account online!! It really is so
much fun getting to view houses and what they look like on the inside!!
So here is today's Favorite Home via Listingbook
I can't tell you how many times I just wanted to walk up to the front door
 and ask to see the inside!! OMG, is that creepy or what??!!
I realize the pictures aren't that clear but you get the idea!
I just find this home to have so much character!
I've always said I prefer an older home with character rather than a newer
home that looks like all the others on the block!!
Do you have a favorite home in your neighborhood?

Wednesday Wish List {Page 6 Boutique}

June 25, 2014

Hi all!! It's Wednesday and I am so exited to share a really fun boutique
with you today that carries the most adorable clothing and accessories that
won't break the bank!!
I have been crushing on all the fun and colorful dresses and tops from
Page 6 Boutique!! If you haven't checked out their website you must stop by
 and check it out!! I would hurry because a lot of their top selling summer
items are selling out fast!! Here are a few of my favorites!!

Was I right??
To check out these items on my wish list and to add something to your own
 wish list go here!!
Be sure to stop back tomorrow for all the details on
 JJ's Minion/Elmo 2nd Birthday Party!!

Very "Pinteresting" Tuesday {Vol. IV}

June 24, 2014

It may be a little late in the day, but it's still Tuesday and I'm here with my Pinterest picks for the week!! Now that summer is in full swing and the 4th of July being just around the corner I am sharing some amazing summer inspiration for you today!!
What is summer without a little Gelato??
Find the recipe for this amazing Gelato
here!! Psst.... you don't need an ice cream maker!!

What's a beach house without the perfect nautical sign??
Find out how to make your own here.

Loving the idea of keeping your party refreshments cool in
this old metal tub! See more of this Fourth of July Backyard
Getaway here!!

This little DIY Patriotic Button tray makes a great gift!
Get the how to here.

How fun is this onzie?? And it can be done for any age!!
Get all the details for this DIY here.

This monogrammed letter is perfect for the front door!
Find yours here.

Loving this chalkboard! Perfect for celebrating our freedom!
See more 4th of July décor here.
That's about it for tonight!!
Thanks for stopping by!! I have something really fun on my
wish list to share with you tomorrow!!
Stay tuned!!

Clean & Crisp {Hallway & Entry Progress}

June 23, 2014

Not to long ago I shared our very small entry way and hallway updates.
If you missed that post you can find it here. I finally got to painting the
railings and dining room walls. Progress in the dinning room has come to a
complete stand still due to the fact that I just can't make up my mind what
exactly I want in that space and how I want my family to use the space. I
was able to repaint the entire dining room and staircase and here is a quick
before and after. I am very pleased with how it all turned out!!
Here is what the entry and staircase looked like before.
And here is what it looks like today.
What do you think??
I am loving the lightened walls and the staircase finally looks cohesive,
 clean and crisp looking! It's truly amazing what a can of paint can do!
I still need to put up some trim before the stair case, repaint the front door
and trim as well.... It's never a dull moment around here so not sure when I
will be getting to it.... Right now I am putting the finishing touches on the
master bedroom. I can't wait to show you that transformation!!
What tasks are you tackling this summer??
Leave me a comment I'd love to hear from you!!

What I Made {Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad}

June 22, 2014

Hi friends,  hope you all are enjoying this gorgeous Sunday....
 Despite all the forecasts calling for rain earlier in the week, yesterday
 turned out to be a perfectly lovely day for a 2nd birthday party!!
The water slide was a huge hit along with my Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad!!
I can not tell you how many people asked me what it was and who made it!
This time I did not get the recipe off of Pinterest! Shocker, I know, and I'm
pretty sure no one believed me! What makes this pasta salad different is that
 I used actually "buffalo chicken"
 in this recipe! My family is addicted to the Tyson Buffalo Chicken Strips so
I thought it would be the perfect addition to this pasta salad, and boy was it
 ever!! I also used Frank's Red Hot Sauce, but not to much as I knew the
 kiddos would be eating this as well! This recipe is really very simple and
 great for large parties! To make it for a small gathering simply cut the
 recipe in half! It's that easy!
I guarantee it will be a hit at your next barbecue!!

2 boxes Farfalle pasta
1 (25 oz) bag Tyson Buffalo Chicken Strips chopped
 1 cup chopped carrots
 1 cup diced celery
 1 large chopped red onion


Pour 2 of the 9oz bottles of the Ken's Blue Cheese dressing and Frank's Red Hot sauce into a large mixing bowl.
Chop red onion, celery and carrots and add to bowl with dressing.
Prepare Tyson Buffalo Chicken Strips according to package directions and let cool completely. Once cooled, chop and add to bowl with dressing.
Gently mix all ingredients in bowl until combined. Set aside or in refrigerator to keep cool.
Prepare the pasta according to package directions. Drain and rinse with cold water.
Place cooled pasta into a large serving bowl.
 Add the remaining ingredients to the serving bowl with pasta, along with the 2 remaining bottles of Ken's Blue Cheese Dressing. Mix well until all of the pasta is covered in dressing.
Chill in refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.
Mix thoroughly again before serving.
  Add more hot sauce if you like it really spicy and enjoy!!!

*You saw this recipe first here @ Gracie Blue ~ The Blog*


Favorite Home Friday {Rooms FOR Rent}

June 20, 2014

Happy Friday friends!!
Today is going to be a super quick post, I am crazy busy trying to get things ready for JJ's 2nd Birthday party!!
Bre, over at Rooms FOR Rent, is sharing her Summer Home Tour and I can not wait for you to check it out!!
I adore this home to no end and much of the inspiration of my own home
décor comes from here. So check it out!! There are also links to many other beautiful homes all decked out for the summer!!
Here's a sneak peak for you!
Loving this gallery wall behind the television! And you see that gorgeous TV stand?? Well Bre built it and stained it!
So to see her home and some really amazing DIY projects head over to
Have an amazing weekend!!!!

Wednesday Wish List {Ballard Designs Love}

June 18, 2014

Hi Friends!! So sorry this post is so late today, but it was just to gorgeous out not soak up some sun!!
Not sure about you, but for me getting a new Ballard Designs catalog in the mail is like Christmas morning!! I get all giddy, get my sharpie out and start marking all the things on my "wish list"!! Little fun fact about me when it comes to catalogs and magazines..... I always start from the back of the catalog first. Not sure why, it's just a habit or ritual if you will that has always stuck with me... Please tell me I'm not the only weirdo that does this??!! There is nothing like going through a brand new catalog and checking out all the news items, not to mention how much I adore how all the rooms in the Ballard Designs catalog are styled!! I guess I could very easily just go online and check out the website, but there is just something about flipping through a catalog that I just can't get when I browse online.
So right now I have a few specific items from Ballards that have been on my wish list for some time now. I'm always afraid that these items are going to be discontinued or out of stock when I'm finally ready to purchase them!!
Let's hope these items hang around for a while!
I love these Linen Sheer Tie Top Panel. They will look perfect in my dining room.
Loving the Sonoma Bookcase. I will need two of these for my
dining room. Placing one of these on either side of the dining
room window will create the perfect symmetry for the space.
I plan on purchasing two of these Carriage House Chandeliers for our living room.
I have been crushing on these for almost three years now!! I think it's time to snag
these up!!

I have loved Ballard Designs ever since I was a little girl....
I used to fetch the mail daily to ensure I got a hold of the latest catalog before my
mom. Back in those days before Pinterest was even a thought, I would make little scrap
books of all the home ideas and inspirations I loved. I think I may have some of those
very clippings to this very day!!
Do you have a favorite catalog that you crush on?
If so I'd love to hear about it!!

I will be busy the next few days preparing for our big
Minion 2nd Birthday Party for our JJ!!
Have a great rest of the week!!


Very "Pinteresting" Tuesday!! {Vol. III}

June 17, 2014

Hi friends!!!
It's Tuesday and I have my top Pinterest picks for this week!!
Summer is in full swing and I have some really great summer inspired picks!! I've been pinning a lot of great party ideas for our son JJ's 2nd birthday this Saturday. I love using the secret boards on Pinterest for party planning and room designing. They come in really very handy, especially if your compiling a bunch of pins relating to a specific event, item or topic; that way your not blowing up your followers feed with a bunch of pins at one time! It's also great to keep things a surprise! You can always make the boards "un-secret" after your event or when you are ready to share!! I'm loving these picks! I hope you love them too!!





Hope you find these Pinterest picks inspiring!!
Happy "Pintersting" Tuesday!!