I Want to Be..... {Graduation Day}

June 28, 2013

I can't believe three years ago, almost to the day, I dropped my little girl off to pre-school. She was one year and nine months old.... Three years later and she has graduated from pre-school and will be off to Kindergarten come this fall. As a mother you know deep down inside that your child is going to grow up and not be that little child you see them as today, and then when that moment comes where you think they just could not get any more grown up....well they do.... I always remember holding my Gracie as a baby and thinking to myself "if only she could stay this way forever..." I find myself thinking that very same thing today. As I watch my little girl sing and dance and put on a show for us with her class mates I can't help but tear up and think about the past three years and how much she has changed and about her future and what it holds.....
I love you love bug more than you will ever know.... You make mommy so proud each and everyday....... Always know that no matter what.... mommy's little girl you shall ALWAYS stay...
Gracie's 1st Day of Pre-School
June 23rd, 2010

Happy Weekend All!!


Bathroom Update {Anne Sloane Obsessed}

June 25, 2013

Among many of our home updates is our one and only bathroom. We are in the beginning stages of putting a very much needed second bathroom upstairs where the kids rooms are, but in the mean time I have been slowly updating our first floor bathroom and its coming together quite nice if I do say so myself. It had a really feminine, country feeling before and now it is has a calming light and airy feel to it which I love. We used my favorite color, Benjamin Moore's Moonshine and it just makes me so happy when walk in there.... Another paint color that I explored with in here was Anne Sloan's chalk paint. Lets just say I'm a bit obsessed and I can't stop painting miscellaneous objects in my home! This paint is like no other. I was able to turn our outdated gold mirror into a gorgeous "rustic" treasure and it took all of one hour. Literally! The wax is just genius and it really helps in making anything look like it was aged for years. Take a peek. If you haven't tried this stuff it is a defiant MUST!! I got mine here.
Here is the bathroom BEFORE:
And here is the progress...

I still have a lot to do....
Stay tuned!!

Summer Lovin' {DIY Fire Pit}

June 23, 2013

Happy Summer!!!
So this isn't exactly a "DIY" post per say, but I had all intentions of it being so, but there are some things that I just can't do myself!!
It all started with a picture I saw on Pinterest schocker of a large stone fire pit with six cozy Adirondack chairs all around it.....You can find it on my outdoor inspiration board on Pinterest here. I really wanted to do this and I was trying to figure out an economical way to do it so I googled "DIY fire pit" and it took me straight to The Home Depot and to this link. I  read all reviews and I was sold. I immediately called my hubby and told him of my new "project" I found on Pinterest!! He was hesitant at first because he thought it was going to cost a small fortune... To our surprise it wasn't too pricey and looks way more expensive that it is! The fire pit itself was purchased online at Home Depot and very easy to assemble. We had it shipped to the store, but if you don't have a truck it mite be worth the extra money to have it shipped to your home as the package is extremely heavy!! We had our landscaper dig out a small corner of our back yard that really didn't get much use and now it's our new hang out area......
What do you think??

Hope your enjoying your first days of summer!!
Have a great week!!

Arm charm {Etsy purchase}

June 20, 2013

Ok, seriously.... Where was Pinterest five years ago?? If I find one more wedding idea I love I may just have to have do it all over again!! In any case, back to reality.  Now we all know how much I adore Etsy and I'm on it all the time but had it not been for Pinterest I would have never stumbled on this adorable bracelet. It is such a unique way to display important dates in your life and not to mention an excellent graduation or wedding gift for a friend or loved one. Today this gift is for me...... I can't wait to show you how it turned out!! If you need to have one like me you can find it here!! Gianna is great and if you need a custom order just contact her. She will reply swiftly and you will have your cute new keepsake in no time!!

Father's Day.....{Bitter Sweet}

June 15, 2013

This Father's Day is a bitter sweet one for me. Three years ago to the day (which happens to fall on Father's Day this year) I lost my mom. She fought a long and tough battle with cancer and ironically it was my dad that was her rock and her everything along the entire journey. That is what I respect the most about my dad. He stood by my mom, for better or worse, for rich or poorer in sickness and in health.... I am blessed to have such a remarkably hard working and loyal father as my dad....
Happy Father's Day Daddy!!
I love you!!!

What I'm Loving Now {Dining Room Redo Inspo}

June 14, 2013

 Now that the living room re-do is complete it's time to work on the dining room..... This is what I am loving right at this very moment but I am not sure it's very practical for our family, but I so adore this look and will try to replicate the colors and feeling of a nice cozy, bright eating space!
Happy Friday!!

Welcome to Gracie Blue {the NEW blog}

June 13, 2013

Out with the old and in with the new!! Welcome to Gracie Blue.... formally known as "Not Too Shabby Mama". It was time for a change and I am in love with the new blog design and could not be happier. A great big thanks to Beth @ Beth Branford Design. She made everything super easy and did not hesitate when I wanted to make a change and answered all questions and concerns in a timely fashion!!The design she came up with is exactly what I had in mind and I am so pleased. I hope you love the new look as much as I do!!

Change is Good..... {new blog name}

June 8, 2013

I've been dwelling on whether or not to change my blog name for a while now.... While I love the blog name I hold now...well it seems a bit "childish" if you will... It was derived from the name of my baking business  Not Too Shabby Bakes  which I ADORE and will keep, I just think my blog name should be something unique and special that reflects who I AM, not my baking business....
So in a few days Not Too Shabby Mama will have a new name and a new look!! I hope you love it as much as I do!!

JJ'S First Birthday!! {Little Man Mustache Bash}

June 3, 2013

I can not believe this day has come and gone already! I have been planning our son's first birthday party since January and what a party it was!! I have said it before and I'll say it again.... Pinterest is the single best invention EVER!! All my inspiration for this party came from this Pinterest board that started off as a "secret" board. It is such an excellent tool for planning a party without ruining the surprise with a regular Pintrest board! So this secret board was the best! Etsy is another source I can NOT live without! OMG. Almost all of the items for this party were purchase on Etsy! It all started with the invitation. I found it here and I could not have been more happy with it! I was able to personalize it right down to the bow. Amanda was so helpful and was willing to do anything I asked! It was just perfect! Thank you Amanda!! There are so many other details that I will share, but for right now I am so excited to share these pictures! Enjoy!


What a day!! So many more pics to post, but what a mess I have to clean up! Stay tuned for source list and more pics!!