July 21, 2014

Why I Love IKEA.... {Top 5 Reasons}

I can't recall how I discovered Ikea, but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with Pinterest.... All I really know is that I love Ikea from the bottom of my heart and today I'm going to share the top five reasons why I love IKEA!!
First and foremost. If you have ever been to Ikea or own Ikea products then I know you will totally relate to the first reason why I love it so much....Yes, you guessed it! It's affordable!! I mean where else can you go to find so many items under $100!! Seriously!!?? I'm pretty sure every room in my home has something that was purchased from Ikea and was less than $100.
 Lets take a look shall we??
See those cute cloth towels hanging on my kitchen island?
Yup, picked those up at Ikea for a whooping forty-nine cents each!!

The chalkboard, cabinet and baskets all came from Ikea and
each one was under $100.

The dresser in our daughters room was $99.
I added the adorable butterfly nobs and did a little
DIY lettering on the front with gold paint pen.

The Ribba picture ledges and the Lack side table together under $100!

And in our living room the Byholma basket in gray was only $59.99!!
Perfect for toy storage!!
The second reason I love Ikea it for it's product versatility. There are so many items that take on different roles in different rooms. Take the Kallax shelving unit (formally Expedit) for example. I use ours in the dining room, but before that is was used in my office for craft storage. The Pax system is also very versatile. Check out how Jenna, from Jenna Sue Designs used the Pax system in her master bedroom and in her kitchen!! This goes right along with my third reason for loving Ikea!! Hackable!!! Yes, I invented a new word!! Ikea has so many items that you can create and DIY into anything you like in hundreds of different ways!! Check out my Ikea Crush board on Pinterest for incredible Ikea hacks!!
The fourth reason I love Ikea is product durability!! All of the items we have from Ikea have lasted us a good three years and we haven't had to replace or fix anything!! It's amazing how so many items from Ikea are so inexpensive, yet durable enough to last so long!!
The fifth and final reason I love Ikea is because of all the adorable children's items!! From stuffed toys to train sets, markers, crayons, mini furniture that kids actually fit in, chairs, stools, rugs, you name it, Ikea has it and for kids!! I could pretty much go on and on about Ikea and all it's loveliness... I will end here with one other reason why I totally love Ikea and completely forgot about while writing this post....
The perfect excuse to go shopping at Ikea...
 $1 fat free ice cream!!  Nuff said!!
Hope your having a Happy Monday!!

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